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I’m a graphic designer and illustrator who specializes in brand identities. People hire me because I help make their businesses more profitable (or I hope at the very least prettier^^). Below are some of the other creative fields I specialize in:


Pencils, Pens, Adobe & Blood… At my core I am an illustrator, even though I went to school for Animation, and have worked in both fields for over 10 years. It’s a river I hope never runs dry, because nothing fills me with more pride than when a client loves what I can do for them. (which is good because I gotta keep the lights on somehow)


I have been trained in traditional animation as well as stop motion. I’ve also animated in Flash for over 10 years.  I’ve worked for MTV, NICKELODEON, and have done MANY animated projects since. Here’s a bit of what I can do with a timeline…


I’ve sculpted many things out of many materials over the years. Here you’ll find SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKEUP, CLAY SCULPTURE, PUPPETRY, and various other tangibles I have made for fun and profit.


So like I said above, illustration is my core. But the core of that core you’ll find dragons.  I’ve had an obsession with them since I was little. So yes they get their own page here… plus… it makes my domain name not so random.

2 Responses to What I Do

  1. sam clarke says:

    hi I was wondering if you could draw up a real exaggerated chrysanthemum, for a new school tattoo design on the right side of my chest and flowing across, if you were able to do it, it would be unbelievable! I would love it

    • TJ Morris says:

      I know it’s been nearly 5 months but I’ll be honest I haven’t checked this account in a while….. I can definitely draw a real exaggerated chrysanthemum, and now that I have graduated from apprentice-hood I can also tattoo it on ya! call me 917533-2656 or email me tjmorrisart@gmail.com if you’re still interested… If not it’s totally cool I was late to the party! Later!

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