Farmer Boy’s Chalk Gig

This was a unique job for a restaurant chain out in California, “Farmer Boys”.  The job called for chalk drawings around the restaurant, only thing was that, well two things… there are a number of restaurants, and I don’t live in California! I found out about the job while visiting my cousins last month, and with some quick chalk drawing on the chalkboard-painted wall of the bathroom, initially got the gig. But after finding out I was leaving back for Austin, we discussed a plan for me to still have the job while doing it remotely.  I painted my own garage in chalkboard paint,  and drew all the pieces in there. Then, after some professional photography, a bit of post-production, and even a time lapse video of the art being drawn….  Farmer-boys now has authentic chalk drawings for ALL of their restaurants, printed in large scale format. They can even re-size the drawings in post to fit any slight changes in the other location wall space sizes.  I hope to do more work like this, it’s a good way to get back to the hands-on art that I see is making a comeback, while still staying current in an ever growing business of tech and branding… enjoy! hog_heaven

Initial Sketch


Here are photos of the drawings:

I used a grid system to properly measure the scale of the chalk drawings, then had them photographed…


Here they are after post production:

I set up the files in photoshop, cleaned up the levels and did a bit of warping to make sure they exactly fit to spec, then exported them as PDFs in Illustrator. I also included a scratched, textured chalkboard background for the negative space, ensuring that even when printed, the “empty” parts of the files would print the texture and allow the illusion that the entire wall is made of real chalkboard.

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