The Night Santa Went Crazy – Remastered!

It’s been like ten years since I have been able to view my thesis as anything but a crappy digitized version where many of the frames got lost and the resolution was pitiful…. But I FINALLY got the thing re-digitized from the original VHS tape it was on…

You have to remember, I filmed this using a Bolex camera from the early 1960′s…which meant insanely tedious hours working blind. You had to use DOPE SHEETS to track your progress! These long pieces of paper which were measured by lines (24 lines = 1 second) It was nightmareish… I also had to hand crank the bolex every 200 frames or so, or else the spring inside would lose tension and start stretching out the frames until the camera didn’t work anymore.

Bolex Camera

THESE DAMN KIDS HAVE IT SO EASY TODAY!!!!!! What with their After effects and their iMovies…. They didn’t know pain!

Anyways, here it is: Higher Def, Better Audio, and I was able to re-record my original Santa- Villian laugh at the end which I’ve lost these ten long years…. Enjoy!

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